ADHD Testing

Symptoms of ADHD




Computerized ADHD testing

QbCheck is an innovative tool that employs objective measures to assess symptoms linked to ADHD. Recognized by the FDA, it’s designed to assist professionals in both diagnosing and managing ADHD effectively. QbCheck can be operated on both PC and Mac devices, offering a comprehensive understanding of your symptoms.
During the examination, you will be tasked with a computer-based activity lasting 15 to 20 minutes. This activity gauges your sustained attention and impulse regulation. Leveraging facial recognition technology through your webcam, your movements during the test will be tracked. These data are then processed to produce a report, contrasting your performance with individuals of the same sex and age who do not exhibit ADHD symptoms. Through this comparison, a clearer picture of your condition can be discerned.

Researched backed up and cleared by FDA

QbCheck is a product of Qbtech, a Swedish firm known for its expertise in developing software dedicated to ADHD testing. With a robust foundation in over 30 comprehensive studies, QbCheck has garnered FDA clearance, making it an invaluable tool for professionals in diagnosing and treating ADHD. Suitable for individuals aged between 6 and 60, it stands as one of the most cutting-edge online assessments available for identifying symptoms correlated with ADHD.